Lisbon Portugal Destination Wedding
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Lisbon Portugal Destination Wedding

Lisbon Portugal was an unexpected Beauty for us. This destination wedding photo was taken at the Monastery of Saint Geronimo located very close to Metropolitan Lisbon. while we were photographing here, we were battling the elements of the wind and the light. Wall a few years have passed since we captured this image, I remember on this shoot understanding something that has helped me create many beautiful images for my clients that had their photoshoots afterwards... That rule is not to fight the elements. If we are dealing with wind, allow the wind to work with us to create motion and story. If we are working with bad light, then utilize lighting to create good light...As soon as I realized to make that a rule in my work, dramatically improves almost overnight. Rather than struggling to force a dress to be perfectly shaped when it is windy, allow that dress to be taken by the wind and become imperfectly perfect. That creates an image which inspires creativity and storytelling all at the same time. Storytelling is essential for creating images that develop an emotional bond between the viewer and the subject. Storytelling also helps a subject remember not only what happened at the moment on an image was taken, but also how they were feeling at that very moment.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal.

1/250; f/10.0; ISO 50; 17.0 mm.

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