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LA Arboretum Wedding

The Los Angeles arboretum is a beautiful wedding venue located in Southern California. What makes his venue unique is that it is home to many of the world's species of In addition to that, it has been the filming location for movie such as Jurassic Park, and Westworld... When we shoot here it is a long walk to the waterfall, but at the right time of day the light will hit our subject and a waterfall concurrently, creating a beautiful glow around both of them. When you pair that with some of the Peacocks that are running wild on the property, he makes her beautiful wedding photos... There are many wedding venues inside the LA Arboretum to get married at. And after the ceremony there are no shortages of locations to take beautiful pictures at. One of our most favorite things to do at the Arboretum is to walk the entire circle with their subjects in order to capture them in front of different trees that are seen throughout the world. It's like traveling, but much less expensive... Plain photo shoots the Arboretum allows for use of their property for a small permit fee which is well worth the money in order to capture amazing memories.

Location: 301N N Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007..

1/1000; f/1.4; ISO 50; 85.0 mm.

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