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Indian Wedding Photography Henna

Henna, or "Mehndi" as it is referred to in traditional Indian culture, is the application of beautiful patterns on the hands of the wedding party prior to the wedding day. It typically takes place the night before the ceremony in a celebration that is the beginning of a multiple-day event... This particular bride chose gorgeous patterns, and during her wedding, we wanted to capture the details of them. Using the ring for context we placed her hands around her eyes to frame them and draw the viewer's attention directly where it needs to be. Utilizing flat lighting, we were able to fill in all of the Shadows to create a flattering and unique portrait for our beautiful bride... We love photographing Indian weddings, especially in Los Angeles, because we are able to capture amazing moments, beautiful colors, and an absolutely breathtaking party. One of the first weddings that we ever photographed professionally was an Indian wedding, and it lasted multiple days. Over the course of this wedding, we captured some of the best images of our careers. The party, the guests, in the moments that happen during an Indian celebration are some of the best that we get to experience as wedding photographers.

Location: 111 Lake Louise Drive, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.

1/125; f/13.0; ISO 1600; 90.0 mm.

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