Iceland Destination Wedding Photos Waterfall
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Iceland Destination Wedding Photos Waterfall

My wife Jennifer and I never did a first look on our wedding day. However, when we visited Iceland I wanted to recreate the moment of anticipation that I felt during our wedding day by doing a self-portrait of her and me in front of the world-famous Skogafoss waterfall...In order to create this image I set my camera up on a tripod and posed Jen in the place that she needed to be, I took multiple photos of the scene with myself in different places in order to get the positioning correct. I asked Jennifer to slightly take a step forward in order to emulate the look of her walking forward and dragging her train on the rocks... During the capture of this image, the weather was cold and the water was beating down on her as we were very close to the waterfall. It took about 10 tries, but as soon as we got that last image I totally knew that it was worth it. This made an excellent first day on our Icelandic trip a few summers ago...Iceland is the perfect destination wedding venue for anybody looking to get married abroad. There are a variety of locations, and we can't recommend any of them highly enough.

Location: Skógafoss, Iceland.

1/125; f/4.5; ISO 100; 23.0 mm.

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