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Downtown Los Angeles Wedding Venues

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is an iconic Los Angeles wedding venue. beautiful architecture and stunning park grounds brides getting married at this magnificent work of art are sure to have a beautiful backdrop for photos... For this shoot, Our bride wore a stunning designer Galia Lahav wedding gown with an ornate Veil covered in Swarovski crystals. I titled this image a concert of triangles because looking through the image there are multiple triangles helping to make up a beautiful composition that leads our eye directly to our bride...The thing that I love the most about this image is the simple color palette. The blues and the greens both complement the bride's tan skin while the rest of the colors in the image Fade to neutral, leaving no competition with the subject of the photo. this award-winning image was created meticulously in order to allow the veil to lead the viewer's eye into our subject...for those not familiar with Galia Lahav, she is an Israeli designer that produces luxury wedding gowns that are each unique in their design and fit. the trains are typically spectacular and they have become a staple for MAPhoto brides over the years. We recommend them highly.

1/250; f/13.0; ISO 100; 12.0 mm.

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