Destination Wedding In Iceland Photo Locations
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Destination Wedding In Iceland Photo Locations

Good locations that we choose to take our Brides to after their wedding day are all based on two questions. The first is, "Are we able to utilize this location to create an image that will inspire our couple to remember their wedding day?"..The second is "Will this location allow us to create the type of imagery that are Studio is known for all keeping up with our own high standards of excellence?"..When we first scouted the Eldrauhn on lava fields in Iceland, photos questions had a resounding yes answer...These lava Fields left the perfect conditions for Moss to grow. That Moss is considered sacred to the Icelandic people, so any visitors must take great care not to disturb it if they choose to take pictures... As I have stated in the description of many other photos, there is simply no place in the world like Iceland for a destination wedding. Iceland features some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth, that actually resemble the descriptions of other planets displayed in many Hollywood movies. In fact, this exact site has been the filming location for many movies throughout the years of Cinema... Iceland is a location that we will definitely revisit sometime in the near future in order to create more stunningly beautiful photos of our clients

Location: Iceland.

1/200; f/7.1; ISO 100; 23.0 mm.

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