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Creative Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles

Being a creative wedding photographer in Los Angeles means that you always have to push yourself to the limits. Utilizing techniques such as Reflections, combined with beautiful light can allow for some mundane photos to go from ordinary to extraordinary... This image was no exception. Utilizing a reflection of the bride inside of a glass covered artwork, allowed for us to tell the story of her getting ready as the people in the background of the framed picture we're also getting ready for a wedding...Storytelling is part of the creative process and allows for an artist to capture unique imagery from start to finish. ..The texture on the bride's dress combined it with her veil and heard contemplative expression made this image unique enough to be added to Team USA in the world photographic Olympics in 2017...We photographed this wedding just outside of Los Angeles at the La Quinta Inn & Resort. However, these techniques can be applied at any Los Angeles wedding venue provided that there is glass covered artwork, which is usually present at most hotels or Halls. 1/125; f/6.3; ISO 1000; 70.0 mm.

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