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Carondelet House Weddings

The Carondelet house in downtown Los Angeles he's a unique, and fascinating venue that highlights Gatsby era Los Angeles. The brick-lined ceremony room, which also doubles as a beautifully candle-lit reception hall, is just the right size for most intimate weddings...Our bride Brianna had one of the most beautiful ceremonies that we had seen. Trusting us because of our ability to capture amazing images regardless of the light source allowed us to free up all of the tools that we needed to capture studio-quality portraits in a location-based environment... this venue has beautiful architecture from the moment that you walk in, with a gorgeous arched roof, and Art Deco patterns all along the floor. This is an environment where a photographer not skilled in lighting would have a hard time capturing imagery that looked professional. While there was a lack of beautiful natural light in this venue, that void created a perfect opportunity for us to fill with artificial lighting. Good light is just as much about where the light is placed as much as where the light is absent. Paying attention to the balance of highlights and shadows allows your photographer the creative freedom to create a compositional balance that is necessary for harmony within an image

Location: 627 S Carondelet St, Los Angeles, CA 90057.

1/200; f/5.0; ISO 400; 22.0 mm.

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