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A common question is how many photos you should expect to receive during your wedding and portrait session. While this is a pretty easy question, different variables will determine how many images we can provide for you. Also, we want to focus on a couple of things before answering that question.

Quality over Quantity

Instead, we would provide you with 100 beautifully edited images that capture your story then 500 average or poorly taken photos. While it may seem essential to see every image, we want to deliver the images that show the best expression and simultaneously tell the story. If there is any question as to whether you may want a photo, we will deliver it.

We need to get to know our couples and what’s important to them before their wedding day to tailor our services to fit their needs. We want to know the atmosphere you hope to create on your big day. Do you want a more intimate setting or a grandiose affair? Knowing these things helps us decide how many photographers will be needed on your wedding day, which will be a key factor in determining the number of images.

For example, if you plan a smaller, more intimate wedding, one photographer may be all you need. Suppose you are planning a large wedding with over 200 guests. In that case, we will most likely recommend two photographers to be able to capture all the essential details and special moments adequately.

The number of hours we spend photographing your wedding or portrait session will also affect the number of images we can provide. If you have hired us for 8 hours of coverage, we will be able to take more photos and document more moments than if you had only hired us for 4 hours.

So, in short, the quantity of photos depends on a few things:

  • How many photographers are documenting the day
  • The number of hours we are booked for
  • The size and scope

Generally, we deliver 100 images per hour of coverage for a wedding with two photographers. So for an 8-hour day, expect around 800 proofs.

Other Variables that affect image quantity


One of the biggest offenders here is when hair and makeup run late on a wedding day. Prep time at the beginning of the day is INCREDIBLY important for capturing amazing portraits of the bride and groom. If hair and makeup are running late, that will affect how many portraits we can deliver.

Also, if the ceremony or reception is delayed for any reason, that will affect how many photos we can take.

The bottom line is that we want you to have as many beautiful images from your wedding day as possible, but sometimes delays are unavoidable. If this happens on your big day (it likely will in some form or fashion), please don’t worry. We will always focus on taking the essential priority images of you. It is worth mentioning that having a rock-solid timeline can be incredibly useful.

Amount of Group Photos

If you have a large family or a lot of friends, the number of group photos will affect how many other posed portraits we can take. The more groups you have, the less time we will have for couples' portraits so that you may receive more images from the family photos and less from the couple's portrait session.

We recommend keeping your family formal list to 10 or fewer groups. We know some families will need more, but this is a guideline and recommendation.

Reception Length

The amount of time spent at the reception also contributes to how many images we can capture. In general, receptions can account for more images, because of the increased activities, than other parts of the day aside from portraits.

Travel Time

If your wedding or portrait session requires a lot of travel, that will also affect how many photos we can take. If we spend 2 hours driving between locations, that can affect the time that we have for portraits. To correct this, we generally recommend portrait sessions at the hotel where the bride and groom are getting ready and for the formals to be taken at the ceremony.


Weather can affect the number of images we provide. If it’s pouring rain, we obviously can’t take portraits outside. If it’s blistering hot, that will limit the locations we can shoot at because we want you to be comfortable.

That being said, bad weather can lead to some amazing photos! We always make the best of any situation!

More information about Image Quantity

Quantity guidelines are just an estimate, meaning we will always shoot to capture as many amazing moments and portraits for you as possible. Just because you have a larger or longer wedding doesn't mean we will shoot less to deliver you fewer images. We have had 5-hour weddings with 1000 images and 10-hour weddings with 800 images.

When you book with us, rest assured that we will document every moment and carefully select the images we edit and deliver to ensure your satisfaction.

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