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"What can I say... Michael Anthony is awesome! I do not think we could have found a better photographer! Michael and his team went over and above to make our wedding day perfect! All of our photographs came out absolutely stunning! So much so, my husband and I are having trouble picking out our favorites for our wedding album. I guarantee that I will use him again for any of my future photography needs and will recommend him to everyone I know!"

-Sydney and Charles, Westlake Village Inn


Manhattan Skyline Wedding Photo

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Oftentimes photographers shoot weddings by photographing the elements of a wedding that are aesthetically pleasing. This is important, but even more important is shooting with intention. A wedding is a story about a couple's beginning together. Our job is to create a hand-crafted storybook that will last a generation, and an experience for you that will be amazing from start to finish. Our job is to make sure your wedding photography experience is fun, intriguing, and memorable. All wedding collections include the following:

A Hand-Crafted Story Book Designed and Mastered by Michael

We believe your storybook is the product that you will cherish for years to come. Our team of designers will have your initial album design ready when you come to see your photos for the first time.

A Lead Photographer and a Second Photographer

As the creative directors, it is imperative to have a team that has chemistry, radio communication, and experience working together.

An Engagement Session with stunning imagery

We don't just give you amazing photographs told in a beautiful story. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that will last an entire lifetime. We create one of our Signature Collection images from each and every shoot with The Michael Anthony Photography brand that will become the centerpiece in your home.


When choosing an LA wedding photographer, price will always be a concern. You will find many different options for photographers in a large market. What you definitely want to be careful about is hiring a photographer with little experience in shooting weddings because the prices are low.  Our Studio offers two different brands that range from more economical products to higher end, more premium products and retouching.

When choosing your photographer it may be tempting to hire a friend, or someone who displays pretty images on their website, but here are a few things to keep in mind when looking through your photographers portfolios.

Skill in low light

Every wedding will have parts of the day that are photographed either late in the day, or in a situation where the light is not optimal. One of the most telling signs of the skill level of a photographer is how they use artificial light. There are many people that brand themselves as a "natural light photographer" which is ok because it usually signifies a particular style of photography. But the best wedding photographers in Los Angeles will tell you that light is light, and many of the photographers that claim to not use off-camera lighting will have trouble photographing many elements about the day. I would ask to see portraits and event coverage at night from any photographer you are considering in LA.

Ability to tell a story

Your wedding photographer should be skilled in telling stories in order to best document your day. If your photographer is giving you just a flash drive of your images, then you are missing out on the most important part of your experience, the emotional connection you will form with your story. See, it's impossible to tell a story through a DVD of 800 images, there will be no consistency from moment to moment, and you will have to scroll through hundreds of images just to find the ones that mean the most to you.

Instead, a thoughtfully laid out wedding album will be your first family heirloom, and will feature some of the most important moments of your day. Take a look at what our past client Jason said about our ability to tell a story:

"Photography is the single most important thing you'll have on your wedding day. Every picture tells a million stories, not just one. Even the video doesn't compare, because video tells you what emotions to feel. Pictures provoke you to feel those emotions yourself, and every time I look at my wedding photos, I'm transported back to that day.

This is what (Michael Anthony Studios) does. I'll pay for their work all day, any day. It's that amazing. I was worried about photography because I work in TV, and I tend to be picky about visual arts. But there's no question Michael and his assistants are top level photographers. They are efficient, effective, and blend in to the wedding so perfectly. I never knew he was around, yet I have these amazing photos of me when my wife walked down the aisle. How he took them, I'll never know. But it's the single happiest feeling I've ever known, and it's captured in multiple pictures.

Michael specializes in storytelling through pictures, which is an art in itself. And he makes ridiculously amazing albums."

-Jason and Krystyn Galvin

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Married 05/30/2015