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Our style of family photography is focused on creating the perfect set of images that will show off the personality and connections between you and your loved ones.  Don't get us wrong, when you think of "family portraits," that cliche photo of a family wearing all white t-shirts at the beach definitely comes to mind, but that's not what we are here to create for you. Family sessions are photographed with a couple of things in mind......

Our primary focus of artwork is present in what we do.  Our goal is to create a collage of images that you are able to display in your home that showcase the personality of every member of your family.  With an art-focus, we are able to use post production to create incredible images that will be customized to match the decor in your home.  

We have photographed every type of family from celebrities to newlyweds to reunions of 20+ people.  There is no limit to how we are able to approach a session with you.  

Individual Session Fee - $199* 

Save $100 if you book by March 1st!

  • A portrait planning consultation in order to put together a concept, choose a location, and help stylize your wardrobe
  • A session with Michael either outdoors at one of our amazing local venues or in studio
  • A design consultation where we help you design and order wall collages or individual portraits

Family First Package- $599* 

Save $150 if you book by March 1st

Family First Packages include the following:

Maternity Session (Best to shoot between 30-35 weeks, but recommended to book much earlier)

Newborn Session 

3 Month Session

6 Month Session

9 Month Session

1 Year Session

Family First clients will receive 10% off all product collections

Client for Life Membership - $1599*

Save $300 if you book by March 1st!

The Client For Life Membership is an exclusive program that we have only offered to wedding clients in the past.  It is now open for enrollment to the public.  Here are the specifics:

CFL Members will receive the following:

Family First Package


Waiver of 1 Individual Session Every Year for Life


15% Off All Products and Services FOR LIFE


16 x 24 Canvas with their first session

*Session fees do not include digital images or prints

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