Greek Weddings in Los Angeles
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Greek Weddings in Los Angeles

We photographed this Greek wedding in Los Angeles at St Nicholas Church in Northridge, California.  I loved the candid nature of this first touch, as it provided the necessary setting for a beautiful moment.  This bride and groom wanted to stay traditional, and didn't want to see each other in a first look before the bride walked down the aisle.  As a fun, intimate alternative our bride and groom decided to do a first touch, with nothing but the doors of the church between them.  This moment was emotional, as it was the last time they would touch as an unmarried couple.  I was able to shoot through the moment, and photograph every emotion that the bride and groom felt during their private first touch.  I felt that this photograph looked best edited in black and white, to allow the bride and her groom to be the brightest part of the image, causing the viewer's eye to lead there first.  The beautiful architecture of the doorway behind the groom creates a beautiful backdrop to this photograph.  

Later that evening, we were ale to capture a beautiful reception with a lot of dancing.  When we photograph Greek weddings in Los Angeles, the party is always very fun for us to be a part of. 

Location: St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.

1/320; f/2.8; ISO 320; 85.0 mm.