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We get asked all the time for advice on picking the best engagement photography locations. Living in Los Angeles, you would think that there is a plethora of great locations for engagement photos. The truth is, you are correct! Los Angeles has an infinite amount of great places to take your engagement pictures, however knowing how to pick your location is very important, and it differs based on your personality. Here is a quick list of some of our favorite locations to shoot in. Keep in mind that these are in no particular order, and your location depends on a lot of different factors: What style wedding are you having? Where did you meet? These are some, but not all of the questions you need to think about when choosing the best location for engagement photos in Los Angeles.


Located close to Dodger Stadium, the Griffith Park Observatory is an ideal location for great engagement photographs. There is beautiful architecture, as well as nature, to take advantage of. Keep in mind that this is also a popular tourist spot, and your engagement session should be photographed during the week here to avoid crowds.


The UCLA campus is one of our favorite spots to photograph engagement sessions. There is so much beautiful architecture, that we are often enamored with the beauty of the location. The campus is large, and requires a small parking fee, but the location has so much potential to create beautiful engagement photographs. Whether you are looking for a modern or vintage themed engagement session, this location is second to none.


The Santa Monica Pier is one of our most photographed engagement locations. Santa Monica is full of many different elements that make for a beautiful location. While some beach locations can be, well just a beach, Santa Monica offers a bit more dynamic. Once the lights go down, we are able to take advantage of the beautiful lights of the pier, as well as 3rd Street Promenade.


Paramount Ranch is an old movie ranch used by Paramount Studios. Paramount Ranch contains beautiful nature, as well as a vintage western town. This location is beautiful for any type of engagement session, and is one of our favorite places to shoot. We usually park along the trail leading into Paramount Ranch, and walk across the bridge. Usually there will be a ton of photo sessions going on, and you will know you are in the right place!


Mentryville is a great location which is local to us in Santa Clarita. Mentryville was an old oil boom town back in the 1800's and has an old historic town still preserved by the LA County Department of Parks and Recreations. You can park in the basic lot, and then walk across the bridge, similar to Paramount Ranch. We then begin to photograph near the old school (although it does look like a barn). Mentryville is located in nature, and we need to be careful and aware of critters that inhabit the location (which is common for any shoot in a natural setting) Be sure to bring good shoes that you can walk from location to location in


The Walt Disney Concert Hall is the perfect setting for beautiful engagement photography. The architecture is modern and abstract, and lends itself to beautiful photographs. Across the street from the Walt Disney Concert Hall is the gorgeous Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, with a beautiful colorful fountain, as well as the DWP building with a beautiful view of the downtown skyline.

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