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Lead Photographer Application

Our Associate photography brand, Studio 23 Photography is currently looking for talented photographers/videographers in the Los Angeles Areas.  We would love to chat with your about joining our team! 

Qualification Requirements

1.  Incredible Personality and Organization Skills

Our photographers must have the ability to organize a wedding day and be able to perform under the stressful environments of some weddings.  While we can train photographic skill, associate shooters must have the built in ability to perform under pressure and give our clients an INCREDIBLE experience.

2.  Equipment

Associate shooters should have a modern full frame DSLR or mirrorless camera and a variety of professional quality lenses to handle a wedding day.  This should include at minimum a fast set of primes or zoom lenses that cover a range of 24mm-200mm.  A backup camera is also required.

Associate shooters must have at least a single professional level flash.  Off camera lighting knowledge is heavily preferred, however we will cover this heavily during your training program.

3.  Willingness to learn.

We are not interested in associate photographers that are not willing to learn our techniques and shoot within our style of photography.  Our clients expect consistency in their product, so we want to train associates that also share our vision and style of photography, or would like to learn our style of photography.