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We photographed this image on a rooftop in downtown LA during a recent bridal session.  A bridal session is something we believe highly in because it allows us to take art-focused images of a bride and groom in a setting that is conducive to beautiful image making.  This image was photographed at sunset using creative lighting and a beautiful pose.  We stretched the bride's long veil out to exaggerate the motion that the wind was allowing us to create.

A bridal session allows us the time needed to go to a great location and create beautiful images for our brides and grooms.

There are many places in Los Angeles to do wedding bridal sessions.  In fact, the best places are often not the ones that you would typically think of.  They are often not found in a Google search either.  What we are looking for is a combination of a few things.  Good light is essential for beautiful wedding pictures.  That is why we decided to shoot this session on the rooftop in LA at sunset.  Golden hour provides a perfect backdrop for beautiful photographs and gives us the opportunity to capture some of the most incredible photographs for our brides and grooms.

Location: Los Angeles, California.

1/100; f/4.0; ISO 125; 11.0 mm.