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Frequently Asked Questions

What do your prices start at?

Collections with Michael begin at $3495, and with our associate photographers, Studio 23, coverage begins at $1995.  We are LA based, but photograph weddings all over the world, so pricing will change depending on where you are getting married (we include our travel costs in your wedding package).

It's not hard to get a quote however, just fill out our form on our contact page.  We will send you our starting prices in an e-mail....If our starting prices are within your budget, then we will have something for you because our collections are all-inclusive.

Do you really photograph in all of these places, or is it photoshop magic?

This is one of our most common questions, if you are looking at a bride in front of the Eiffel Tower, or a couple standing next to a waterfall in Iceland, we were there.  While we are based in LA and shoot 98% of our weddings in California, our couples live all around the world and we travel to meet them in some of the most incredible places in the world.  Our MAPhoto wedding packages all include a post-wedding bridal session, and if you are able to meet us in one of the locations we are traveling to, we will photograph you there free of charge.

Will you give us direction when posing us?

None of our wedding clients come to us knowing how to pose.  We take inspiration from fashion photography, editorial work in magazines, and with a careful eye for detail, we coach all of our subjects into their poses.  A photographers job isn't to just photograph beautiful subjects, that's a mentality of an amateur.  The real skillset of a photographer to make every subject they photograph look beautiful.  We teach posing to thousands of photographers every year.  Our goal is to first get you comfortable with how we work during your engagement session, so by the time the wedding comes, you will know exactly how we work, and that will help us to get you to look amazing when posing you like the couples you see in our portfolio.

How many weddings per year do you shoot?

Our studio consists of two brands, Michael Anthony Photography and Studio 23 Photography (our associate photographers).  Together, we currently photography about 130 weddings per year.  Michael and Jen only photograph between 50-60 weddings per year to make sure that we are able to give our MAPhoto clients the best possible attention.  While that is still a big number, being able to offer excellent customer service is the number one priority for us.  We look at our clients as family.

You can see full weddings on our blog.

What is required to book with you?

We only charge 1k as a retainer with your balance due 30 days prior to the event.  You will have a client portal and can break up the payments any way you would like!

What makes your studio different?

Since the moment we founded MAPhoto in 2012 we have always strived to provide our clients with three things:

1. Incredible artwork for their home during their creatives

2. Thorough wedding coverage to ensure that we capture as much as possible both creatively and technically sound

3. An excellent client experience from start to finish.

Where can I see full weddings?

You can check out our blog and our albums page.  During wedding season we try to update our blog as much as possible.  To see our latest work, join our 38k+ Instagram followers here and our 7k Facebook fans here.