Iceland Skogafoss Destination Wedding
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Iceland Skogafoss Destination Wedding

Iceland is known for it's dramatic skies, beautiful nature, and inconsistent weather.  That is why it is the exact opposite of what we are used to as Los Angeles wedding photographers.  As destination wedding photographers in America, we have to be able to shoot in every scenario possible. 

In this image, Michael was photographing Jennifer at the waterfall in Iceland and decided that there was room for a groom within the composition, we photographed this image using natural light, rather than the typical off-camera flash because the waterfall was putting off a lot of mist.  This photo got them very wet, however it ended up being one of their most favorite photos from the trip because it's rare that they are on the other side of the lens.  Michael and Jen have photographed weddings in 9 different countries, but something about Iceland was absolutely magical and provided the most perfect backdrop for beautiful photos.  

Michael Anthony Photography photographs many destination weddings, and because of our love for travel many find our rates for destination photography to be quite affordable.  In addition, many would be surprised to know that having a destination wedding is actually very affordable.  We also do destination bridal sessions at no additional costs for our clients if they are able to meet us in some of our yearly destinations as part of our world tour.

Location: Skogafoss, Iceland.

1/125; f/4.5; ISO 100; 23.0 mm.