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Wedding Day Photo Timeline Guidelines

Bridal Details (35 minutes minimum)

During this time of day we will photograph your dress, invitations, bouquet, etc. We want to

make sure that all of the rings (including the wedding bands) are with the bride in her suite.

Additional things to remember to remember to bring: a hanger for the bride’s dress, any notes

you wrote to each other, etc.

Remember to keep the room clear of all clutter, as clutter can really hamper our ability to

find good places to shoot. Also, be sure to set up your makeup chair in front of the brightest


Bridal Prep (45 Minutes Minimum)

During this part of the day we will photograph you getting dressed, and putting all of your

details on. Things to consider: do you want bridal boudoir images before you get dressed?

Who do you want to be present during this part of the day. We will want to set you up in front

of a gorgeous bright window, so obtaining a high floor in your hotel is imperative. We also

recommend getting a hotel room for the groom as well. This is your wedding, go big or go


Please keep in mind that in order to tell the story for your album, your lead and second

photographer need to be present at all times of the day, that means we cannot split them up

during the prep photos.

Bridal Portraits (30 Minutes Minimum)

We will use this time to photograph the bride alone. We will want to take advantage of the

grounds of the hotel if possible, or if the scenery is not that picturesque, we can find some good

light in the hotel room as well. We don’t want to cut time from this part of the day because

oftentimes these images help tell great stories for your album.

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Groom Portraits (30 Minutes Minimum)

Grooms, this is your 007 moment. We want to have you dressed when we arrive at your suite.

Make sure to bring the things that showcase your baddassery. That means a bottle of scotch,

cigars, or whatever else you are in to. We are tired of the groom getting no love in wedding

photography, so be prepared to show us that GQ look you have been practicing since you


First Look (30 minutes Minimum)

A first look is preferred during every wedding. We have had dozens of brides tell us that they

wish they had done one (Jennifer included) but we have never had a bride say they wish they

hadn’t. Your fiancé will fall in love with you all over again. You will get the opportunity to have

a moment together alone that will elude you the rest of the wedding day. Talk to your married

friends and get their opinion. If there is any doubt about the First Look “ruining the moment,”

we can show you multiple albums where the groom will cry twice. For those of you grooms

who say they aren’t emotional, we have watched military men break down into tears during

these times. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

Wedding Party: (30 Minutes Minimum)

You chose these members of your wedding party for a reason, now lets make sure that we

capture their fun and unique personalities! This part of the day can happen right after the first

look and should take place outdoors if we can. If a first look isn’t happening, we can do this

right after the ceremony as well. We typically photograph the bride with bridesmaids, bride

with groomsmen, groom with bridesmaids, groom with groomsmen, full wedding party

together, and individuals of the bride with bridesmaids and groom with groomsmen.

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Family Formals: (45 Minutes Minimum)

Family Formals can take place right after the ceremony, or beforehand if there is time. To get

this done in the allotted time, figure 2-3 minutes per group. These images are incredibly

important to have, and your family will want to make sure they include everyone important to

you. To expedite this for both you and your guests, make a list of every combination of photos

that you want using the time frame that we included. If we can finish early, then we will have

more time for your photos together.

Ceremony Site Details: (Second Shooter 15 Minutes)

Our second shooter can break off to take detail photos of your ceremony site if needed. We

will try to take a wide shot as long as all of the decorators are completely finished right before

the guests are allowed to sit at the ceremony site.

Creatives with Couple at Sunset (1 Hour Minimum)

We made it! This is game time, where the magic happens. We want to shoot these images at

sunset to give you the best possible outcome because that is when the light will be the most

flattering for both of you, as well as the scene. If there is anytime that needs to be cut from any

other portion of the day, this isn’t it. We want to take the full hour to make sure that we are

able to get to the locations we want to shoot at, and then shoot a variety of images for your

album. One hour after the ceremony will mean that you will need to extend cocktail hour a bit,

but we can assure you that your guests will be fine. These portraits will help tell your story and

in order to get the most creative images possible, we need the time to make everything perfect

for you.

Reception Room Details: (20 Minutes Minimum)

Toward the end of the creatives we will send our second photographer to shoot the details of

your reception room if requested. They will capture the uplighting and ambiance of the venue

in it’s entirety.

Night Session (20 minutes at Dusk)

Ideally we would like to photograph this session right as the sky turns the deep shade of blue

we see at dusk. That will allow us to capture some really pretty images. If the timing doesn’t

work out, then we can move this session to the end of the night just before we leave. This

session allows us to close out your album by creating a really beautiful final spread.

Same Day Slideshow (10 Minutes during Reception)

This is where we will pull up a chair for both of you, and have your friends and family gather

around to watch images from the wedding day. This is always a great experience for you and

your family. We can typically schedule this after the cake cutting. Please note that we will be

creating the slideshow during dinner time.