New Studio in Dallas, TX Opening this Summer!

New Studio in Dallas, TX Opening this Summer!

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Mountaingate Country Club

Los Angeles Wedding Venues

MountainGate Country Club is the perfect spot for smaller Los Angeles receptions and weddings. Set at a private golf club, couples will be surrounded by manicured greenery and a natural ambiance that will add a spark their special day.

A Simply Charming Venue

MountainGate Country Club is well-versed in the art of event planning. Enjoying a constant influx of exclusive celebrations, couples will find professional and expert hands prepared to care of their unique wedding undertaking.

MountainGate hosts receptions and weddings, especially during the summertime. It offers three different sites: the Main Dining Room, Garden Terrace, and Vista.

The Main Dining Room can hold up to 200 guests and is a location most suitable for customization. Its cherry wood interior and earthy tones create a calm atmosphere fit for relaxation. Even the most anxious of party goers will calm as they take in its breathtaking view of the distant mountains. Couples will be delighted at the ease of transforming this rustic room into a dreamy party area.

The Garden Terrace is an outdoor location. Its romantic lights and blissful setting are elegant and lovely enough for weddings and receptions set at any time of day. Its generous size and beautiful location allow for a maximum capacity of 600 guests. Couples who cannot resist inviting extended family and friends will find this especially valuable.

With an oppositional atmosphere, the MountainGate Vista is an outdoor venue with freshly mown grass surrounded by well-managed birch trees. Couples often marry there beneath the bright sun instead of the twinkling stars and moon.

All three locations are perfect for dazzling photographs. Interested in contracting Studio 23 for our artful services? Contact us here for a free quote.

Customizable Wedding Package

Each unique couple has a diverse selection of wedding packages, vendors, and amenities. Rather than close at an earlier time, receptions and weddings may continue until well past midnight fit for night owls.

This wedding venue works with several vendors and will handle the nitty-gritty. MountainGate’s professional staff will ensure their customers’ comfort is the main priority.

A free wedding planning guide is available for download on its website.

Venue Information

MountainGate Country Club weddings are hosted at 12445 MountainGate Drive Los Angeles, CA 90049.

There are three avenues available to contact staff for tour information and an initial quote. Interested couples may contact the Senior Event Sales Manager at (310) 476-6215, ext. 104 or at privateeventmanager@mtngatecc.com. Its Catering and Events Manager e-mail is events@mtngatecc.com.

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