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Hyatt Regency Valencia

The Hyatt Regency Valencia is one of Santa Clarita’s premier wedding venues. The resort is located off of Magic Mountain Parkway and Valencia Blvd. The Hyatt features a beautiful garden that can be used as an outdoor ceremony site. In addition, you can use the garden for cocktail hour, or even a lunchtime reception. Hyatt Valencia Weddings are always some of our favorites to shoot.

Wedding Photography at The Hyatt ValenciaThe Rose Garden at The Hyatt Valencia is the perfect Ceremony Location

One of our favorite things about The Hyatt as wedding photographers are the guest rooms. The corner estates are located on high floors, and have north facing windows. Therefore you can have beautiful light all day long no matter what time of year.

Wedding photos at Hyatt in ValenciaThe Reception Ballroom at The Hyatt Valencia is a great venue.

Receptions at The Hyatt Valencia are equally beautiful. The venue can host up to 375 guests. The ballrooms can be divided into smaller sizes to fit your party.

The gardens at Valencia Town Center are nearby. There, you can have a whimsical backdrop for you to take photos in front. In addition, you can take a short drive down the street to The Iron Horse Trailhead for some additional photos in front of the bridge.

If you are looking for a beautiful place to get married, then trust us when we say that this is one of the best in Santa Clarita. Enjoy the links below for some great Hyatt Regency Valencia Wedding Photos!

Address: 24500 Town Center Dr, Valencia, CA 91355
Phone: (661) 799-1234

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