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When he sees you for the first time | A First Look | LA Wedding Photographers

I have blogged about the first look before.  Those of you who have had a consultation with us know how much we think it is a great idea.  At Amanda and Robert’s wedding a couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to capture a first look in a unique way at the suggestion of Amanda, and we loved it.

Pasadena Langham Wedding Photography
Pasadena Langham Wedding Photography

I usually blog artistic photos where we incorporate a landscape, creative lighting, or an abstract element surrounding our bride and groom.  While these types of photos do help define our style, our true focus on documenting a wedding day is capturing the emotion, and the moments.  I absolutely love a photo that tells a story, and as a wedding photographer my job is to focus on recording moments that are gone in an instant.  I absolutely love doing a first look, because I believe that the emotion involved is absolutely awesome.

For those wondering how we did this one differently, Amanda had suggested that when Robert see her for the first time, it be at a bit of a distance, rather than her tapping him on the shoulder.  This allowed him to “take it all in” and see her.  It allowed us to capture his emotion from a different perspective, and I absolutely loved it.

I cannot wait to incorporate more amazing moments into our portfolio this year.  I am so excited for the weddings we have this season and I cannot wait to share them with you!

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