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Wedding Venue Review | Gardens of Paradise | Santa Clarita Wedding Photographers

So we finally had the pleasure of heading out to Gardens of Paradise to give the grounds a brief review for our future brides.  As Santa Clarita Wedding Photographers, we are always looking for new places to shoot.  We first learned about this place from our preferred florist, Marisol of Flower Finesse in Agua Dulce.  It has been a few months but we made it out there to take a look (on the hottest day of summer so far!)  Keep in mind that reviews of venues on this page are for wedding photo potential only.  Things taken into consideration include, but are not limited to lighting, architectural elements, beauty, and portrait locations.

Gardens of Paradise sits very near Vazquez Rocks in Agua Dulce, off of Agua Dulce 32222 Agua Dulce Canyon Road.  The address listed is Santa Clarita, I think it may be a bit closer to Agua Dulce.  Nonetheless, it is SO close by, a 10 minute drive from either Antelope Valley, or Canyon Country/Valencia.  It sits nestled in the mountains, and reminds me of a beautiful desert oasis.  It took nearly 4 years to construct, and has been open for business for the last 9 months.  We had the absolute pleasure of meeting with owner Renet (sorry if I spelt your name wrong!!!!).  She was so kind to give us a tour of the property in the 110 degree heat.

 We first saw the long driveway that serves as the entrence to The Gardens, it featured a beautiful stamped driveway that would make any entrence or exit grand.  Whether you choose to have a horse and buggy or a Rolls Royce limousine usher you to and from your wedding, this gateway will make the photos mesmerizing.  Renet first took us to the Rose Garden, which is one of 3 ceremony/reception sites to choose from.  The Rose Garden was my favorite by far.  Why?  Well it fits with our style of shooting.  You want whimsical and chic?  This is it!  I can see a vintage wedding taking place here under the gazebo.  We shot these images at noon, but a sundown ceremony would be oh so good!

Gardens of Paradise, Santa Clarita Wedding Photos (1 of 4)

Next we got to view Paradise Island, which would be an amazing locating for a dance floor.  Paradise Island is a rotunda that sits atop the lake in the center of The Gardens.  At nightfall, the lights and the waterfalls are turned on, and it would make for some amazing images.  I can already imagine how dynamic we could make the lighting look in this particular scenario.

Gardens of Paradise, Santa Clarita Wedding Photos (4 of 4)

Next we viewed the Grand Marquee Ballroom, which is a large enclosed venue, over 10,000 square feet!  This venue is for people who prefer a grand indoor ceremony.  With a tool, and creative lighting, this venue would couple with the outdoor patio beautifully.  In addition there is a beautiful meadow which sits atop The Gardens, this is the PERFECT LOCATION for those beautiful sunflare images you see in our engagement photography, as well as for family portraits after the wedding ceremony.

Gardens of Paradise, Santa Clarita Wedding Photos (2 of 4)

Again, being Wedding Photographers in Santa Clarita, we are thrilled to have such an awesome venue so close to home.

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