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Krista and Oscar | Circle Oak Ranch | 5.14.16

We photographed Krista and Oscar’s Rustic Wedding in Los Angeles this past Saturday, and it was absolutely beautiful. ┬áKrista and Oscar have an awesome story, take a look below to see how they met and fell in love.

Oscar and I met back in 2009

After I graduated high school in 2009 I slowly started hanging out with my brothers group of friends. That is where Oscar and I met. We were friends for a good year and a half before we realized that there was a spark between us. I would go over to his place and we would workout doing P90x together for a few months. That made us grow closer to each other without having the pressure of going on dates and knowing there were feelings involved. A lot of our friends could see what was going on with us, but we denied any assumptions that came our way. One thing we do every summer is go to the river or lake and camp. In June 2010 we all took a trip to Lake Nacimiento where the true feelings slowly came out (with the help of a little liquid courage that is) ­čÖé I was still trying to hide it from everyone especially my brother. Well he new exactly what was going on and so did everyone else so he decided to pull Oscar to the side and talk to him about it. My brother told Oscar that out of all of our friends he was glad that it was Oscar I was interested in. That meant the world to me to have my brothers permission to date one of his friends. Granted they weren’t that close of friends I was a happy girl to know that Oscar was accepted. So after that trip I really knew that I wanted to date him and see where it went. On July 4th he asked me to be his girlfriend and make it official and I couldn’t of been happier. Now almost 6 years I get to call him my HUSBAND!

In 2012 Oscar asked my dad if he could marry me but my dad quickly responded saying we were not ready for that step yet and that I needed to finish school. Good call on my dads part, because we definitely were not ready for that big step yet. Fast forward 2 years being a couple months away from finishing school Oscar asked my dad again for his permission this time my dad saying yes. With that yes he started planning how he would pop the question. Now Oscar is TERRIBLE at keeping secrets and surprising me, so I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen on December 14, 2014. I love doing things outdoors so he wanted to take me on a hike with our dog Delilah to propose with the whole family together doing something we both enjoy. When I woke up in the morning I didn’t really feel like getting up to go on a hike and just wanted to relax in bed. Well little did I know I ruined his big plans! Now he had to think of something else to do. We were already planning to go visit my dad that day so he thought okay, I can do it in front of her dad and stepmom and make it a little special that way. So we got ready and started heading out to my dads house in Valencia. I could tell he was acting a little weird and being very quiet, so I knew something was up. On our way out to Valencia he made a little detour. I asked him where we were going and he tried to tell me he had to pick something up from our friends house where he used to live. The only problem with that is those friends had moved so then I really became aware of what was about to happen. This house is where our relationship started and a lot of firsts for us happened, so there was a lot of meaning to being there. Once we got into the neighborhood he pulled over on top of a hill and said lets go for a walk. We started walking up the hill and he grabbed my hand and said “You probably noticed I have been acting a little strange today” I then confirmed that and he said “I wanted it to be just us where it all started” he got down on one knee and then asked me to be his forever!

We have so many memories together, but one of our favorite is our first official “date” as a couple. We both love country music and found that we had a common love for the band Sugarland. After going to Stagecoach and seeing them live we knew we had to see just them in concert. So we went to their concert a couple months after which turned in to going the next 3 years in a row.
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