Robinson Ranch Wedding | Santa Clarita Photographer

Robinson Ranch Wedding | Santa Clarita Photographer

We photographed our first wedding at Robinson Ranch in Santa Clarita years ago. This wedding was one of 6 that we photographed here in 2015. When placing our beautiful couple on the rocks I knew that this image would be a great candidtate for one of our Renaissance Collection images. The warm sunset was camera left and we used a flash to the right side of the camera to sandwich our subject in light.

Robinson Ranch Wedding Photography | Heather and Brian

I apologize about the lack of updates recently.  We decided to redo our website and blog in late August so we wanted to hold off on posting new content until the transition was completed.  Here is our new blog and we are really excited to share it with you!  We are going to start off by showcasing Heather and Brian’s Robinson Ranch Wedding that we photographed in mid-August.

We really enjoyed working with these two from start to finish.  Brian and Heather are adorable, and both photograph beautifully.  They are fans of great music, and had a live performance during their ceremony from an amazing singer.  At the end, they boogied down the aisle as can be seen below.

Heather and Brian have a really awesome story to tell. I will let them tell it:

Q. How did the two of you meet?

Brian asked to take me for coffee. (Brian swears I was staring at him during the meeting) I guess he did not know I wear glasses so there is no way I would have been able to see his face. After he asked me for coffee, I said, “ok, how about tonight.” We went, and laughed for the rest of the evening.

Q. How did you propose?

A. I hid the ring in a multiple gag boxes on Christmas Eve and asked Heather to marry me.

Q. Name 3 things you like about your fiancé:

A. Brian- I like her sense of humor, she is easy going, and beautiful.

Heather- I like his calm demeanor, he makes me laugh like crazy, and he is spiritual.

Q. Aside from his proposal, what is your favorite memory together?

A. We love to make silly videos, Kinda like a Saturday Night Live skit. From the first date until recently we seem to get a kick out of ourselves making up skits, filming them, watching ourselves, and then sending them to friends and family. Even our dull moments tend to be entertaining. Sadly, we probably are the only ones laughing but we think we are hilarious.

Q. What do you think is unique about you as a couple?

A. We both get along, we seldom have fights. We are a sober couple, that enjoys meeting people wherever we go. We love to make each other laugh, and even in the most boring of places, Home Depot, Target we can make it entertaining.


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Robinson Ranch Wedding | Santa Clarita Photographer


Robinson Ranch Wedding | Santa Clarita Photographer