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Paramount Ranch Engagement Session | Cody and Krystal

I am really happy to get these two on our blog officially, Cody and Krystal are a special couple to us.  Cody and I were classmates in the LAPD police academy, and eventual partners at two different geographical divisions before I left the department to pursue my business.  However while we were working together, Cody would always try to get me to go eat breakfast with him at a particular restaurant.  Specifically the restaurant that Krystal was a waitress at.  After a year of encouraging him to finally ask her out, he finally gathered the courage to do it.  Not long after Cody and Krystal developed their relationship and we had the opportunity to capture their proposal a few months back.

These images were photographed at Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills, which is a beautiful place for engagement photography.  Their was an event going on in the town during our engagement session, so we had the opportunity to explore the outskirts of the location, which allowed us to expand our creativity with them.

Cody is an amazing friend, the kind that would do anything for you.  I trusted my life to him when we were partners, and he stood at the alter when Jen and I got married a few years back.  As great as he is, his new life partner Krystal is just as amazing.  They compliment each other perfectly, and it’s adorable how well they click together.   We are both so happy for both of you, and thankful that we get to enjoy the beginning of this journey with you.


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