One thing I absolutely love The Hyatt Valencia as a Santa Clarita Wedding Venue is how beautiful it always photographs.  

The lighting at the Hyatt makes the images pop and we are always able to get great images for our couples.

Carrie and Russ decided to have their children participate in their wedding as part of the bridal party.  I love weddings like this because typically the emotion is really high and it allows us to capture amazing moments.  While I love focusing on the portraits during the wedding day, the moments are really what matter most to us in telling the story.  

Carrie and Russ both got ready at The Hyatt, which has amazing guest rooms for ceremony prep.  When Carrie tried on her dress for the first time after hair and makeup, we were absolutely stunned with how beautiful she looked in it.  We weren’t the only ones however!  Carrie’s mom could not believe her eyes, and gasped right in the middle of having her hair done.  It was truly an awesome moment.

Photographing this couple outside with their family allowed more awesome moments between this adorable family.   While the family was not used to posing together, we were able to get some natural expressions from them which showed how much they all love each other.  Carrie’s daughter started crying right after the recessional, and it was the sweetest moment ever.  

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