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A Beautiful Wedding at the Greystone Mansion & Gardens

Shaniece and Jarell were scheduled to be wed at the Greystone Mansion & Gardens. By this description alone it was not an event to be missed. Amidst the historic and shimmering sights of the Greystone, these two tech-industry professionals were to dedicate their lives to each other in front of friends, family, and the setting California sun. The bridge had a singular vision, to be surrounded by flowers, stone and the warming embrace of the precious family she has accumulated through her time on earth. The image of the event was to be one of elegance, beauty, and love, as the celebrated couple would confess their love and commitment to each other in front of the endless sky that stood silently before them.It was a vision that Shaniece had chosen us to help her not only achieve but to immortalize.

The Greystone Mansion & Gardens

The Greystone Mansion is an intensely unique site: managing flawlessly to communicate the modesty and reverence that such an important and historical site would provide to any couple’s most important day. It is equal parts elegant and welcoming, seeming to invite the pristine shine of the midday sky to bounce off of its perfectly hewn stone, as well as embracing the soft glow of a wedding reception being held intimately under a vast midnight sky filled with twinkling stars. Nam Lam was behind securing this prestigious location at Modern LA Weddings not only worked tirelessly to make this wedding a complete success but allowed us the time and space to be the greatest Greystone Mansion Wedding Photographers we could be.

Shaniece & Jarell

Hailing from unique parts of the booming tech industry, this modern and savvy couple found in each other a perfect match. Jarell managed to surprise Shaniece at the San Francisco Intercontinental Hotel on Shaniece’s birthday with a band playing perfectly fitting music and surrounded by Shaniece’s entire family. As he lowered himself to one knee, a question began to form in Jarell’s brain and, as memories of meeting at Berri’s Café during 2011 All-Star Weekend and of driving to London through the French Channel started flooding through Shaniece’s mind,  an answer began to swell in Shaniece’s heart. It was a night that would bring one of our favorite weddings ever photographed to fruition and would culminate in the eternal bond of these two perfect lovers.Click here to learn more about Michael Anthony Photography!

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