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Christina + Jeromie | January 7th, 2017

We met in a persuasion class. Both of us are communication majors and took the same class. Depending on who you ask the story changes from there. Christina will insist that Jeromie asked her about the homework and that’s how they started talking and became friends. Jeromie will tell you that he noticed that Christina kept looking at him in class for weeks as if she was very interested in him. One day he built up the courage to ask her about the homework and the rest is history.

Jeromie proposed on 12/19/15 by taking me and the immediate family to the mission inn in riverside to see christmas lights and decorations. The weather was a bit rainy and Jeromie had arrived at the Mission inn earlier to search for the perfect spot. Both families were there to supposedly look at the Christmas lights and go to dinner for Jeromie’s mother’s birthday, which had passed a few days earlier. After posing by the Christmas lights for the picture, Jeromie pulled me close and started his speech. That is when he proposed. Lightly raining, people around everywhere looking at lights and then looking at us, my family and his family, standing under umbrellas recording the proposal…it was perfect. We had dinner all together afterwards and he had champagne waiting and a band playing music while we celebrated the rest of the night.

What is your favorite memory together aside from the proposal? Why?

so many- i remember a particular trip to Venice beach where we enjoyed the day and rode three wheeled bikes and where I took Jeromie into the water ( he’s not found of swimming at the beach) and the waves were so strong that I kept getting hit with the big wave first and he was behind me and enjoying the waves( particularly because I got the brunt of it first) but but I would continue to withstand it because I could tell he was having fun. Our trip to San Francisco together- seeing new places and trying next things together for the first time.

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