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Catalina Island Destination Wedding | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Brian and Alicia exchanged vows in front of 100 of their closest family and friends on the gorgeous island of Catalina off the coast of California.  This beautiful gem of a wedding has been right in our backyard, however it was our first trip to Avalon.  Our couple got access to the near-100 year old casino/movie theater to take some of their photos the day before the wedding.  We had about 10 minutes to make magic happen, and I was so excited about the results from shooting in there.  Take a look at their beautiful destination wedding photos below!

On December 25th 2015, in Yamanouchi, Japan . Brian Peters knelt down in a 200 year old Japanese hot spring at the Yudanaka Inn and asked me to marry him!!! I busted into happy tears I said YES!!! We then called all our family which was the end of our Christmas Day and the beginning of theirs, what a special gift to share.

One of our first dates We had a wonderful time walking around, stopping in at restaurants, chatting about our lives and the dreams we wanted to accomplish. I even say to Brian to this day, that day was magical. The sunlight was coming to an end and the cool night air still called out to us. We walked along the beach in Venice all the way to the Marina Del Rey channel. The night became foggy and the ocean waves crashed with streak of lightening blue. Which looked beautiful, even though it was probably red tide that caused that look. As we circled back to the main area again where we were suppose to say good night. Neither of us were ready to end the evening, so we decided to keep the journey going. We continued the evening as we watched “Adventures In Baby Sitting”. Which was one of my favorites and if a man could get down with an 80s flick even better. Four years later we took a trip to Japan and Brian asked me to be his WIFE 🙂

Both creative minds and can relate to each other’s vision and the ability to talk about anything. We also have the love to travel and expirence culture.

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  1. I continue to look back at your remarkable photos that captured a very magical day for all of us. Your work is beyond stunning. It reaches into my soul and releases tears of pure joy. Thank you.

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