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Wedding Photographer in Los Angeles and LA

Wedding Photographers typically have to perform in a variety of less than ideal circumstances. For instance, some weddings take place at night, and others take place at noon. Both instances are very difficult to photograph, however it should be known that a skilled wedding photographer should be able to shoot in any circumstance presented to them. When choosing the wedding photographer to best serve your needs, just understand that all photographic styles are different. Our wedding photography style is art-focused, meaning that we create imagery that is dramatic, epic, and will look like more than just a standard photograph when placed on your wall. Our wedding clients all receive a high quality wedding album when they book us for their wedding.

Different types of LA Weddings

Beach Weddings

If you are getting married on a beach in the Los Angeles area, it's best to choose a time closer to sunset to get the best results, we also don't recommend placing your ceremony location completely perpendicular to the ocean to avoid glare coming back into the camera. Beach weddings can be so much fun because you can walk down the aisle barefoot and know that it will be one of the most unique ways to spend your day!

Rustic Weddings

A popular one for years, rustic themed weddings blend elements of country, shabby-chic, and traditional attire into your personalized style. I definitely recommend looking at the large amount of information on the web to get ideas of what would be best for your big day!

Traditional Weddings

A traditional wedding will never go out of style. The classic black tux and beautiful ivory gown is a favorite of many people today! You will love the way your images look for years down the line every time you look at your wedding album.

Gatsby Weddings or 1920's Themed Weddings

One of our favorites for sure, a 1920's themed wedding looks great in the setting of Los Angeles. LA has been synonymous with Victorian architecture and the financial district in downtown LA provides a great backdrop for your wedding photos.