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Renaissance Collection


San Francisco City Hall is one of the most architecturally magnificent places that we have ever visited in California, and the United States for that matter.  The symmetry inside is absolutely incredible and we were in awe of it's beauty when we walked in.  This was by far the hardest image that we have ever taken as Los Angeles Wedding Photographers because this day we flew to San Francisco in the morning, and when we arrived at city hall, we had to shoot many different images before we were able to get one without the crowds in the photograph.  This image took us over 4 hours to create and is hanging in our clients home as a large metal over their fireplace.  This image sums up our style of photography as art-focused wedding photographers.  Our goal for all of our clients is to create a masterpiece that will forever be remembered as the single image that sums up the story of our client's day.  As Los Angeles Wedding Photographers, our goals are to create lasting memories and images that become conversation starters in our client's homes.  This particular image is one of our most favorite ever created because it juxtaposes the magnitude of marriage inside of a beautiful large location by placing the couple as a small portion of the image.

Location: San Francisco, California.

1/200; f/4.0; ISO 1000; 17.0 mm.