Fun with the Jimenez family! | Valencia Family Portrait Photographer

So we headed out with the Jimenez family to a nearby park to do some family portraits.  The lighting situation was difficult but we were able to make it work.  Little Kiki is adorable.  That is the one word that I have to describe her.  As you can see below she is just a model in the making.  All you have to do is say "STRIKE A POSE." and she took care of the rest!  She also had an arsenal of poses available at any given time.  Little Gio is one awesome dude!  He showed us how he can transform into a transformer by crouching up into a car position!  It was a hot day out but these two were champs.  We also had our favorite professional makeup artist Barby Calvo om the house taking care of the details!  All in all we had a blast with these three and would love to work with you also to give you some great memories that will last a lifetime!

STRIKE A POSE KIKI!  We loved it!